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Every adversity comes with a silver lining. By bringing the bench closer to the bedside, Covid has fundamentally transformed the status quo of science.
Dr. B. S. Ajaikumar

HTG Pune Summit 2024

  • Date: 2024-04-24 11:00:15
  • Author: Dr. BS Ajaikumar
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HTG Pune Summit 2024

Excited to deliver the key note address at the HTG Pune Summit 2024, the brainchild of Health Technology Group, Bharat, a pathbreaking initiative to foster disruptive innovation, potent collaboration, and pioneering breakthroughs within the sunrise space of the healthcare startup ecosystem.

As I have always believed, every tech adoption in healthcare - whether by startups or by mega corporates - must be unflinchingly focused on improving end-uesr outcomes and quality of life, and we need more of such Socratic exchanges that begin from the particular and reach for the universal!

I am more than sure the engaging conversations at the Summit will go a long way in enhancing the enabling and empowering role of health tech.