If Indian democracy is to move up the value chain, we need to identify, enable, and empower women leaders across the length and breadth of the country.
Dr. B. S. Ajaikumar


Voice notes on topics close to my heart and mind

Antardhwani So Far And The Way Ahead

Episode 2

Dr BS Ajaikumar speaks about how Antardhwani has given a call for change and tried to touch the conscience of people in its own ways. From helping tobacco farmers grow alternative crops to looking into the taxpayer’s rights and accountability of public money, questioning the non-utilization of higher education cess to sparking meaningful debates on the country’s key issues through Antardhwani Conversations. The Sevaka Movement aims to create awareness about choosing the right public representative, demanding accountability and politically empowering rural women and men.

The Story Of Antardhwani

Episode 3

Dr BS Ajaikumar tells the story of Antardhwani. How he had always been reflecting on what holds back India from becoming an advanced, prosperous nation despite having brilliant hardworking people, and the need for a think tank that will go into the depths of all the possible reasons and come up with some viable solutions.

The Oncologist Who Empowers Rural Women

Episode 4

Listen to Dr BS Ajaikumar, Executive Chairman of HCG Cancer Centres and the vision behind Antardhwani, speak about his journey as an oncologist who moved back to India from the US to make cancer care accessible and affordable for his people. His works in the rural areas of Karnataka have empowered thousands of women in the past two decades, transforming them into leaders of their community.

Sevaka – Of The People, By The People, For The People

Episode 1

For India to become a flourishing nation, its villages where 70% of its people live must become prosperous. For this to happen it is important that we create community leaders with integrity in the rural areas – Sevakas – particularly women. The Sevakas will work with clear conscience to make their people and community prosperous. It is imperative that such Sevakas embrace public life and lay the foundation for accountability and performance in politics.