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It is indeed tragic that most Indians across generations are groomed from their formative years to subscribe to a flawed interpretation of the Karma theory and the caste system built on a fatalistic premise, which assumes without second thought that whatever happens (or does not happen) is the outcome of our good or bad karma
Dr. B. S. Ajaikumar

Sandra Day O’Connor (1930-2023) - end of an epoch

  • Date: 2024-01-03 03:23:24
  • Author: Dr. BS Ajaikumar
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Sandra Day O’Connor (1930-2023) - end of an epoch

Sandra Day O’Connor (1930-2023) - end of an epoch making era

The passing of America's first female Supreme Court judge is an irreparable loss on many counts. 

For me, she is the epitome of true love, a selfless lady who left no stone unturned as a caregiver to her husband when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Her love triumphed over every adversity in the process, even the fact that her husband fell in love with a resident of the care-giving facility, and no longer recognized his wife. 

Much later, even when she was herself diagnosed with dementia, her towering stoicism was intact, glowingly evident from her last letter to fellow Americans, 

“While the final chapter of my life with dementia may be trying, nothing has diminished my gratitude and deep appreciation for the countless blessings in my life.” 

Her awe-inspiring approach to life and death keeps her alive in our minds and hearts!