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Our Tuesday tumour board conversations bring together multidisciplinary clinics across the entire HCG value chain of 26 centers to reimagine the future of cancer care and cure across the globe. This is a grand confluence of the brightest minds powering the whole gamut of our services, from cancer prevention to rehabilitation, including over 220 oncologists and 440 physicians across specific subspecialities including Head & Neck, Neurosurgery, Breast, Cardiothoracic, Hepatobiliary, Gastrointestinal, Gynaecologic, Orthopaedic, and Robotic surgery, besides other super-specialization areas including imaging and genomics.

A Recurrent Case Of “Carcinoma Ovary Endometrial Adenocarcinoma”

  • Date: 29 Aug 2020
  • Location: Bangalore

Agenda 1

A Recurrent case of “Carcinoma Ovary Endometrial Adenocarcinoma” by – Dr Shekar Patil and Dr Mohammad Naseer, (Medical Oncologist) and Team, HCG KR- Bangalore.


    • To consider 6 cycles of Chemotherapy before going ahead with Surgery RCT between 3 cycles and 6 cycles of Chemotherapy
    • Considering High risk of Recurrence – Need to Plan for Maintenance Therapy and Genomics
    • Need to compare Pre-op CTC and Post -op CTC
    • Need to consider Radiation (Brachytherapy)
    • Compare CTC and CA-125 value for Prognosis
    • Working Committee to be formed for GYN – Onco
    • To include PARP Therapy in the Protocol
    • To review the outcomes and prognosis, we need to discuss the same case after one year

Agenda 2

A Recurrent case of “Metastatic Carcinoma Rectum” by – Dr Jaganath Dixit and Team, HCG – KR, Bangalore.

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    • Trials to show that APC Mutation produces resistance to 5-FU and works well with Statins.
    • This case needs to go for Publication (to bring it for discussion on next Tuesday Clinic, 25th April)
    • Any Refusal for Chemotherapy should be directed towards Dr Brinda
    • All Pathologists across to report Recurrences.

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