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Every adversity comes with a silver lining. By bringing the bench closer to the bedside, Covid has fundamentally transformed the status quo of science.
Dr. B. S. Ajaikumar

The generative AI Tsunami in particular

  • Date: 2024-03-04 05:32:41
  • Author: Dr. BS Ajaikumar
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The generative AI Tsunami in particular

The real problem with the relentless tech invasion of the intellectual space (the generative AI Tsunami in particular) is not that many people are using it rather fractionally and frivolously to get ahead of where they truly belong (God help their cause!) Ironically, AI is blamed for the abuse, not the user. Another Greek tragedy!
The real tragedy however is the sad fact that even original themes, narartives, perspectives and propositions are now deemed potentially AI-generated by default.
Tough times indeed for those who swear by their orginality and natural stupidity in an era of Artificial Intelligence.
One identifies more and more with Prof. Larry Gopnik from the Coen Bros' classic 'A Serious Man' these days, and is even tempted to seek inspiration from seemingly stock-still parking lots in trying to connect the dots which themselves appear as criss-cross lines extending in all directions.
Given the overwhelming expanse and mid-boggling complexity of the Mentaculous probabilities all around us, the best (only) recourse is to devote time, attention, and resources (if any) to serve the larger cause of problem formalization or formulation. Circled by perplexing questions at all times, who knows, all cursed, restless souls of all ages may actually do a good job of asking the right questions for, and provide the right contexts, to the Almighty AI and earn their bread and butter (and some jam if they get lucky!) by creating a vital dependancy this demigod can't afford to dismiss, at least untill such time in the distant future when it masters the contexts as well.