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Dr. B. S. Ajaikumar

Perplexing Thoughts

  • Date: 2024-03-04 05:41:04
  • Author: Dr. BS Ajaikumar
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Perplexing Thoughts

Perplexing Thoughts
Treading the snow-white path at a leisurely pace, a snowy chain of thoughts capped my mind, almost on an impulse. The thoughts were so evocative that I decided to pen them down, again on an impulse.
I imagined three different individuals driven by three different purposes in life. Let's call them Mr. Activist, Mr. Hedonist, and Mr. Tightfist, their names hinting at their respective purposes.
Mr. Activist has incepted an NGO for women's empowerment and commits all his savings to serve the cause, as also crowdsources funds from whereever he can manage. Mr. Hedonist believes in spending big money on personal passions and pursuits and is well known for his lavish lifestyle. Mr. Tightfist simply keeps all his wealth to himself and leads an austere life with the sole intention of growing money.
Now, the world will emphatically hail Mr. Activist and faintly admonish Mr. Tighfist but their wrath will be exclusively reserved for Mr. Hedonist by both design and default. Why?
When Mr. Hedonist spends big money, say on a lavish wedding, doesn't he create a mini-economy of sorts, offering plum jobs to scores of people hired for a variety of jobs: flower arrangements, lighting and sound effects, beauty salon services, food stalls, pre-wedding shoots, choreographed shows, variety entertaiment, logistics management, and the like. Given the resounding economic impact, why should he be brutally condemned by many arm-chair cynics and moral professors who, for all you know, might well be the first or distant cousins of Mr. Tightfist who will never contribute to Mr. Activist's cause.
Well, there are no easy answers, but asking (and acknowledging) the question is imperative nevertheless!