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Today, cancer care has evolved by leaps and bounds but we have not gotten rid of the negative cancer terminology like palliative care, terminal disease, or Stage IV. Why can't we treat cancer like any other chronic disease? A diabetes patient is never told he is a victim of diabetes, or he is being given palliative care.
Dr. B. S. Ajaikumar

JCB - Always Looking for a Better Way

  • Date: 2024-03-04 06:09:54
  • Author: Dr. BS Ajaikumar
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JCB - Always Looking for a Better Way

During my stint as a Business Process Reengineering consultant, I had the opportunity to tour around the country and overseas on numerous plant visits at various manufacturing setups. My fondest interaction was with a miracle-in-machine form, a ubiquitous excavator known by the common name of a 'backhoe' and a proper, rather pet name, of 'JCB' - common parlance for every stakeholder on site - including CEOs, managerial staff, factory foremen and workers, contractual labour, and security guards.
Ever since, I have bumped into countless JCBs almost everywhere: infrastructure development sections alongside highways and feeder routes, urban and rural construction sites, agri farms and plantations, airport terminals, rail yards and the like.
The friendly, trademark yellow, contraption parked on a gradient atop a mound of sand, lost in deep sleep after a hard day's work with a barking dog or two for company, is a staple sight I have savoured on most Indian state and national highways during countless wee hour drives on vacation and vocation.
Having said that, it took me a few years for the enlightenment that JCB stood for its visionary founder's name: Joseph Cyril Bamford, and not some tongue-twisting earthmoving or excavation term (that I never bothered to check with anyone for the fear of becoming an object of abject ridicule)
This innovation, which was born in a locked-up garage of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire way back in 1945, is still rocksolid disruptive in the AI age - a sterling example of exemplary brand equity and astonishingly quick recall, where the founder and his brainchild share the same soul which is 'jamais content' (never content) in its pursuit of excellence.
Wishing the legendary JCB's son and current chairman Anthony Bamford and his team every success on the way forward.