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Today, cancer care has evolved by leaps and bounds but we have not gotten rid of the negative cancer terminology like palliative care, terminal disease, or Stage IV. Why can't we treat cancer like any other chronic disease? A diabetes patient is never told he is a victim of diabetes, or he is being given palliative care.
Dr. B. S. Ajaikumar

First cherish the value of our votes

  • Date: 2024-04-24 10:55:07
  • Author: Dr. BS Ajaikumar
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First cherish the value of our votes

Given that freedom of speech and expression is the soul of true egalitarianism, it is clear and evident that the state of democracy in our great country of India leaves a lot to be desired.  And there is more to its poor health than what meets the eye. While the selective, lop-sided action of state enforcement agencies against many opposition parties is indeed questionable, there is no question about the lack of a credible opposition in the country. It is indeed tragic that parties with an enviable legacy dating back to the pre-independence days have been reduced to autocratic, family-run outfits.

The onus is on the opposition parties to ensure a manifesto-driven alignment of vision and purpose and not some quick-fix collaboration based on parochial interests. A healthy democracy calls for a strong opposition which keeps the ruling party on the growth track through constructive criticism and ensures that tax money is used for strengthning women empowerment, and improving health and education, as also infrastructure, utilites, and facilities like roads, electricity, water supply, and employment and enterpreneurial opportunities.

The onus is also on the common voter of the country to cast his or her invaluable vote based on what’s good for the country, and not some tall claims of triumphs or elusive promise of freebies. 

We must first cherish the value of our votes before we cast them, which calls for deep introspection into the very meaning and significance of democracy and the pillars that uphold it - freedom of speech and expression, individual dignity, and mindful protection of the marginalised sections and minorties.

Let’s take it on ourselves to usher in a new era in Indian democracy.  Let’s rebuild our democracy from scratch!