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We need a multi-disciplinary approach to cancer care where clinical physicists are made an integral part of the critical decision-making process of cancer diagnosis and therapeutic choices. While we move up the value chain of cancer care, it is equally crucial that we enrich our repository of knowledge through a purpose-driven information exchange within the scientific community.
Dr. B. S. Ajaikumar

On Purposeful Non-conformism

  • Date: 2024-01-03 03:59:24
  • Author: Dr. BS Ajaikumar
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On Purposeful Non-conformism

On Purposeful Non-conformism

Without passion and conviction, a budding entrepreneur can’t expect to steer innovation through the winding route of trials and triumphs. The learning curve will be leaner if passion drives the entrepreneur in reimagining the future rather than blindly accepting popular verdicts on what works and what doesn't. 

One should always learn from the competition but never get bogged down by it. A true entrepreneur must have the non-conformism to stick to his or her core beliefs notwithstanding what market research reports reveal.