It is indeed tragic that most Indians across generations are groomed from their formative years to subscribe to a flawed interpretation of the Karma theory and the caste system built on a fatalistic premise, which assumes without second thought that whatever happens (or does not happen) is the outcome of our good or bad karma
Dr. B. S. Ajaikumar


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Former Chief justice of India
'Dr Ajaikumar is a rare optimist-friendly, positive, benevolent and full of creative ideas. His own personal excellence has no borders-his is a personality that banishes pessimism and opens up the mind and the heart to the potential of great humanism to transform the very way we think and act as members of the community. He te Is us that an impersonal love for mankind can transform everything in the world.This book is a firm reaffirmation of this faith'
Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha
'Dr Ajaikumar's life is a journey of perseverance,faith and triumph against all odds. A compelling memoir, his remarkable story chronicles his many successes and failures, but above all, his unwavering dedication to making cancer treatment accessible and affordable to all'
Chairperson, Biocon Limited
'Medical excellence is a necessity for saving lives. Dr Ajaikumar has built HCG on this philosophy-that life doesn't compromise on compliance to the highest standards of quality and ethics'
chairman and founder,Narayana Health
Ajai and Ish are a similar background. Both of us have worked abroad-Ajai in the US and Iin the UK-returning with lofty dreams and turning into passionate "doctorpreneurs". I have been closely following Ajai and his impressive work. Having gone through the trials and tribulations of building a world-class institution,I can vouch for his phenomenal grit, perseverance and unwavering vision. He epitomizes the phrase "doctors without borders"'
Coxe Distinguished Professor at Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Business and New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author
'Dr Ajaikumar 's book is a must-read for those who aspire to deliver world-class healthcare affordably-whether inthe developing world or in the richer countries'
University distinguished professor, Northeastern University,and co-author of Reverse Innovation in Health Care
'Dr Ajaikumar inspired us to coin the term "doctorpreneur" some years back. He's part doctor,part philanthropist and part entrepreneur. In the book, he shares his secrets to delivering world-class cancer care affordably to everyone in society. But note this: Dr Ajaikumar' s lessons apply to every entrepreneur,inany industry,looking to do well while doing good!'

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